MagiCamp®- The Original Bring Magic to your child this summer!

Camp (ages 5-12):

MagiCamp® since 1989 has taught over 35,000 MagiCamper's the many variations of magic, juggling, and drama. Campers will learn how to amaze their friends & family by making things appear & disappear in the blink of an eye!
Returning campers learn and receive new magic tricks as they rise in wand levels!

 Celebrating over 35 years of Making Magical Memories.
MagiCamp® goes beyond just learning magic tricks; it's a transformative journey where children themselves become the magic. Throughout the program, participants not only master the art of magic but also receive their graduation wand, empowering them to create their own Hocus Pocus wonders. The real magic extends beyond the camp, as participants take home the illusions they've mastered, ready to amaze and astound their family and friends.

MagiCamp® isn't just about unlocking the secrets of magic and illusion. Along their magical journey, participants cultivate confidence, self-esteem, poise, and enhance hand-eye coordination.

What we can do

Building the stage-presence, confidence, and self-esteem of our campers