Embark on a Paleontological Expedition with JurassiCamp®

Camp (ages 5-12):

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the prehistoric realm with JurassiCamp, where young paleontologists become paleontologist in a hands-on exploration of Dinosaurs and Fossils. For over 30 years, JurassiCamp has been the gateway to an unforgettable adventure, bringing the wonders of Paleontology and Dinosaurs to over 10,000 campers.

JurassiCampers receive more than just knowledge – they become proud owners of real fossils from periods long past. From dinosaur bone fragments to Trilobites and Ammonites, these ancient treasures are discovered in our specially designed dig boxes. Each camper takes home a piece of history, fostering a lifelong connection to the fascinating world of paleontology.

What we can do

Campers explore the wondrous world of Dinosaurs & Fossils (Paleontology)