Celebrating over 35th Years!

Since 1989 David Gindy the creator and director of Funcamps ®, has had over 35,000 thousand children attending his programs which include MagiCamp®, Amazing Science Camp, Jurassicamp®, Game Tech and Space & Rocket Camp. Funcamps ® was awarded by Disney as one of in the top 5 unique programs in the United States, and has also been profiled and featured by every major network. These include CNN,ABC,CBS,NBC,Univison,Telemundo and has also received numerous national awards and praise as well as being the only accredited program by the ACA in Miami and one of two in Boca Raton.

Funcamps® programs offers a fun and creative approach to the world of day camps. From MagiCamp® and Jurassicamp® to Amazing Science & Space Camp to CampIdol and GameTech Institute, Funcamps® has a program for everyone. With our specialty programs we have created a magical journey that has proven to be a winning formula with the campers, but also one with the parents. Funcamps® strives to provide an educational, and safe, secure environment dedicated to developing the child’s talents, self-esteem and interactive social aptitude. “Our goal is to provide our campers with the highest standards of care, personal training, and a well structured curriculum”, says David Gindy founder of Funcamps. 


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FunCamps stands as the ONLY accredited camp in Miami, recognized by Disney as one of the top five unique kids' camps in the USA


Enter the enchanting realm of MagiCamp, where children don the magician's hat and become the magic in their own whimsical adventure. From learning magic tricks to mastering the art, participants receive a graduation wand and create their own Hocus Pocus.

Amazing Science & Space Camp

Embark on a scientific odyssey at Amazing Science & Space Camp, where young minds (ages 5-12) explore the wonders of Science, Space, and Rocketry. Through hands-on experiments, projects, and activities, campers delve int...


Calling all future paleontologists! JurassiCamp offers a unique experience for children (ages 5-12) to dive into the world of dinosaurs. Participants not only learn about these ancient creatures but also play the role of paleontologists, engaging in fossil digs where they unearth real fossils...
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Let them embark on a journey of self-discovery, where imagination knows no boundaries and creativity flourishes. Join us in fostering a love for the arts and providing an unforgettable summer experience for your aspiring